Archive Series no. 2

01.freak magnet
02.rejoice and be happy death song
04.blister in the sun
05.i'm nothing the dark
07.all i want
08.american music



when a teenager is diagnosed with Violent Femmes, family and friends rally in support. the mom and dad dish out the dough for a couple concert tickets, an older sister lends out her first femmes record to help the young siblingfeel better while a little brother forks out some cash for a new 'best of vf' song collection disc. the boyfriend doles out another lump for a couple souvenir t-shirts, while the girlfriend donates another chunk for some drinks and after-show eats.

what these folks didn't know was what the violent femmes prescribed some songs that afternoon from a chicago radio broadcast booth - playing over the airwaves in front of a live studio audience and a lone dj. performing with us and adding to the fun that day were sigmund snopek III and hani naser.

while these kinds of broadcast performances were not always recorded or preserved, the Q101 session from april 2000 has survived as a testament to what the fuss is all about. albeit acoustic, these radio-show gigs with gordon and brian always left me exhilarated, filled with an unexplainable electricity that inspired me to go on with the day. this archive collection may lift your spirit, too. it might take you where you like to be, a place uninhabited by who, how or why.

--guy hoffman, los angeles, 2006

front cover photos: todd zimmer, unknown
inside photos: chris sabold, lourdes resto, unknown
design: kari j. paloucek

violent femmes
archive series no.2

live in chicago: Q101
add it up 02
Back of Case

Q101, Chicago, illinois, midday, april 22, 2000

gordon gano: vocals, guitar
brian tairaku ritchie: bass guitar, backing vocals
guy hoffman: drums, percussion, backing vocals

the horns of dilemma:
hani naser: arabic percussion
sigmund snopek III: piano, flute

recorded at chicago recording april 22, 2000

good feelings artist management: darren brown

thanks to: Q101, jam productions, highroad touring, hornblow group artist management, beyond, kari palouek, smooth ride & night train coach

dedicated in memory of michael kahn

freak magnet
rejoice and be happy
country death song
blister in the sun
i'm nothing
in the dark
all i want
american music

all songs written by gordon gano(gorno music/a.s.c.a.p)
(C)2006 add it up productions

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