1. Blister in the Sun
2. Hallowed Ground
3. Prove My Love
4. No More Reagan
5. Daydream Believer
6. F.A.I.T.H.
7. Ain't Gonna Wait
8. Gone Daddy Gone
9. Jesus Walking on the Water
10. Batman
11. Never Tell
12. Good Feeling

After the Concert... ...Exclusive...
Q: Where did you learn to play?
A: All by myself , I don't know how to read the music (wonderful audience, I like the city, great promoter, I like everything)
Q: Is it true the band is going to break up?
A: NO, isn't true!
Q: Is it true that your sound is like the old Velvet Underground?
A: we have jam=Met with Maureen Tucker of V.U and she said that our sound can't be similar to theirs, and our sound it's just that of Violent Femmes.
Q: What you say in your songs?
A: give you 2 mean
Q: what's going on in California?
A: I hope that it's sunk into the ocean!
Q: why?
A: It's a bad place, i like more northern parts
Q: Have you been in New York?
A: Yes many times, we've played there too.
Q: American radios play your Songs?
A: yes, just sometime, cause our songs stand against Regan and he has absolute control of the radio stations.
Q: what do you think about the pope?
A: pope smoke Dope!
Q: what's your faith?
A: I haven't so I don't believe in religion.
Q: In what do you believe, in the life?
A: It's difficult to to explain...........I take life like she comes, in this moment my philosophy it's the fun, maybe someday I will change.
Q: Is It fun, the R 'n' R?
A: Of course it is.
Q: so do you believe in the R 'n' R?
A: Yes i believe in it, but I don't believe in musical industry, it Kills the R 'n'R.
Q: when the new album?
A: September
Q: live album?
A: No Studio.
Q: Why?
A: Because we are making a Live Video.
Q: And you Victor, when did you meet the others?
A: About Four Years ago.
Q: When will you come back here?
A: I hope soon, it's very nice here.
Q: Where will you play in the next time?
A: In Casena
Q: Explain the sweet sound of your drum?
A: It's natural for me.
Q: How come out your songs?
A: from a melody, from chords, from lyrics, we start to build songs.
Q: Do you like to play on stage?
A: Yes!!!! "Molto bene, molto bene"
Q: Where do you come from?
A: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Below are Pictures Of the Actual Record Itself (It's a Picture Disc)

Ok i know a lot of stuff doesn't make sence but it seems that the person who ever wrote the interview didn't know to much English. Also you tend to wonder who was answering the questions.
Below proves the album is indeed a bootleg the people stole the Slash records logo and named their company Slat records.
Slat Records
P.O Box 48888
L.A. CA 90048
VF 01-1985

Update: 08/22/2014 - I recently spoke to an individual from Italy who told me this record was manufactured by his friend and he had designed the artwork when he was young. The information that he game me was that 1000 (Black) copies were made & 200 (Picture) copies were made.

He also stated the recording was taken from "Much More" In Rome on April 4th 1985. This was apparently their first concert in Italy. It was also communicated to me that he had come into possesion of the MaterPlate of the record and it would soon be up for sale for anyone wanting to reproduce the Vinyl. If this is so, There is a very good potential this record will no longer remain rare. Please keep in mind this is word of mouth and has no support from any other official or reputible source.