Do You actually Own All The Albums on this Page:
With the exceptions of the compilations, Oh reggie & I Swear CD Singles Yes I do, It took many years to collect all these albums from all over the world and I'm sure there are a few more out there I hav yet to hear about yet.

Would you be willing to do Live Tape Trades?
currently I'm not really in a position to do this anymore nore do I have the time but if it is neccisary that you have to have it email me with the one you want I will see if I have it in CD format and If so I require you send the CD-R with return mailing and postage I will not pay out of pocket to ship Im a college student with little money.

What happend to the Site for 7 years? or the old site?
As for the old site I had in the late 90's - Early 00's I got over 10,000 hits and decided it was time to change the design and go with a more updated look.

After getting the new site launched at www.Violentfemmesrecords.com (Originally www.angelfire.com/goth/violentfemmes) with a new template and sleeker design I had the site for 3 years, I then paid the company for my renewal but when the due date came they decided to lock out my access and prohibit me from logging in so essentially stealing my money, I tried calling but nobody answers its just an answer machine and they don't reply to messages, They did take the money from my account. Later they put it up for sale for $600 then dropped it to $300 before it finally got dropped and I purchased it back through godaddy (stay away from www.onestop.net)

I am very happy with my new design as it is up to date much easier to work on than the last and looks a thousand times better. I will be sticking with the new design and shouldnt have any troubles as godaddy.com is a much more relaiable company (I'm not saying they are the best)

Will There Be More Frequent Updates Now?
Most likely not.. It's not due to the fact I dont have the time but more to the issue that the Violent Femmes will no longer be releasing any more albums as it appears. If I do manage to get another album not listed on this page I will certainly be adding it, and I do plan to start adding interviews and articles that may take some time as well. But be assured If something comes up that I'm missing it will be added. And I plan on keeping the site for a long time.

I Know Of Something Your Missing On the Page
If you do have the info on an album I'm missing please please please send me all the info on the album and if possible a picture of the cover and I will most certainly add it and give you credit.

Do You Have Some Sort Of Connection With The Femmes?
I have been asked this several times and No. I do not have any connection whatsoever, I did speak with Gordon Gano one time after a concert but he didnt have much to say and I did send a letter to the website many times then brian just put me down and was a dick about it.