Name of Article: Familiar Voices and Familiar Themes
Author: Jon Pareles
Magazine: The New York Times
Date: August 14, 1994
Page(s): ?

Familiar Voices and Familiar Themes

SAUGERTIES, N.Y., Aug. 13--Deja vu arrived on the second day of Woodstock '94. ...

Here is the segment of the article which talks about the Femmes:
The Violent Femmes, who finished the Friday-night concert, were right when they introduced their lead singer, Gordon Gano, as "the unreliable narrator", his songs adopt a variety of warped perspectives, from stoned -out teenager to someone whose two choices for a weekend project were to take over the world or learn French. The Femmes play quietly--their drummer uses brushes--and they twist old American rock styles lock rockabilly and surf music to their purposes.