Article: Violent Femmes July 20
Source: ?
Author: Simon Dumenco
Date: July 20, 19??
Contributor: anonymous

Violent Femmes July 20

Brace yourself for this inventory of percussionist Victor DeLorenzo's waepons of choice: brushed snare drum, tom-tom, cymbals, drum set, tambourine, sleigh bells, timpani, cowbell, Arabic tabla, tranceaphone, and--no kidding--fire extinguisher. Get the idea this Violent Femme liked to make a lot of noise? Well, he has to , just to keep up with bass player Brian Ritchie (who usually becomes equipped with an eight-string slide wah-wah bass and ukelele) and lead singer Gordon Gano (whose mus cularity nerdy vocals successfully compete with his strum-it-to-smithereens acoustic guitar work). Add the inevitable audience wail-along to Gano's exuberantly miserable lyrics from the band's oeuvre of occasional classics spanning nine years and five al bums, and a Femmes concert to feel like a religious revival for the happily damned. Wall of sound, meets tub of angst tonight at 8 pm, Shriver Hall, Johns Hopkins University, 481-6000. (Simon Dumenco)