Name of Article: New Album from Violent Femmes
Author: Jaan Uhelszki
Magazine: Addicted To Noise
Date: 4/10/95
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New Album from Violent Femmes

[Violent Femmes]

ATN correspondent Alex Jackson reports from Perth, Australia: Fans of oddball Milwaukee trio the Violent Femmes may have to wait a long time to hear their new album. Unless, of course, you live in Australia. The Femmes' new album, Rock!!!!! (yes, that's five exclamation marks), has been released in Australia ahead of the rest of the world to coincide with their current sold-out tour which includes theatre and club shows plus dates at the Alternative Nation festival being headlined by Faith No More. According to frontman Gordon Gano the trio planned to record a tour EP when they headed for the studio last December, but 10 days later they emerged with a 12 track album. The first single, "Tonight," is a teen anthem about going out and getting drunk in the style of "Add It Up" and "Blister In The Sun," and there's even a song about Milwaukee serial killer/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. Rock!!!!! has been released in Australia through Liberation Records, but the band are still without a label in the US following their parting with Elektra after last year's New Times. If and when Rock!!!!! is finally released to the rest of the world, be prepared for a visual shock. Gano, bass player Brian Ritchie and drummer Guy Hoffman all appear on the cover in a hideous assortment of wigs, make-up, and tight pants circa the mid-1980s LA glam rock scene. Yuck!!!!!

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