01.Do you really want to hurt me? (7-Inch Edit)
02.Do you really want to hurt me? (Full Version)
03.Dance MotherFucker Dance
04.To The Kill (live)

1. Do you Really Want To Hurt Me? (7-inch edit)
2. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (Full Version)
(o'dowd/graig/hay/moss-additional lyrics Gordon Gano)
Produced by Michael Beinhorn, additional production by: Victor De Lorenzo, Gordon Gano & Brian Ritchie.
3. Dace, Motherfucker, Dance!
(Voot Warnings/glenn Rehse/John Frankovic)
Recorded at stebbings studio, Aukland New Zeland 1986, Produced by Violent Femme Mixed by Unknown
Featureing the horns of dilemma: Sigmund Snopek III, Caleb Alexander, Peter Balestrieri
4. To The Kill (live)
(Gordon Gano)
Recorded live at the "palace" Melbourne, Australia 8/11/90
Recorded and mixed by Chris Thomas 1&2 copyright 1991 Slash Records-3 copyright 1986 Slash records-4 copyright 1990 Slash records
copyright 1991 Slash Records
Marketed in France by barclay & in Germany by Metronome Musik GmbH.
Unauthorized copying, public performance, & broadcasting of this record prohibited,
All Rights of the manufacturer & of the owner of the record work reserved.
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