01.I Held Her In My Arms (Radio) 3:15
02.I Held Her In My Arms (Album) 3:00

Produced By Violent Femmes
Additional mixing by Ben Grosse at Pearl Sound Studios, Canton MI.
(Gordon Gano)
Gorno Music ASAP
From the Slash/reprise album Add It Up(1981-1993) (4/2-5403)
The Story of the Platinum-Selling Violent Femmes
as Told by its Participants
An All New recording of "I Held Her In My Arms"
plus a 34-track potpourri of unreleased demos, album tracks,
answering machine messages, alternate takes
Live performances, import-only b-sides
And a radio spot

See them Live on Their massive world tour, Beginning this fall!

Promotion Only
Not For Sale
1996 Reprise Records
Made In U.S.A.