Title: Freak Magnet
Year: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Beyond Music , BMG Entertainment
Length: 44:55

Hollywood Is High
Freak Magnet
All I Want
New Generation
In The Dark
Rejoice And Be Happy
Mosh Pit
When You Died
At Your Feet
I Danced
I'm Bad
Happiness Is
A Story (featuring Pierre Henry)

(CD Cover Page 1)
Page 1 has got a green background and the lyrics to 3 songs, Hollywood is high, Freak Magnet & Sleepwalkin' each
set of lyrics have a colored boarder around them and a small picture (drawing) of something that resembles the song.

(CD Page 2)
The second page has a pink background as well the lyrics to 2 songs All I want, & In the Dark. These two songs have
boarders around them and small artwork to resemble the meaning of the song. A small picture for New Generation
is in the dead center of the page yet there is no lyrics or boarder to go with it.(CD Page 3)
Pretty Much the same as the First page with a green background and the lyrics to Rejoice & be Happy, Forbidden & Mosh Pit.(CD Page 4)
Navy blue Background & Lyrics for when you died, I'm Bad, & at your feet theses as well have small artwork for them but in center of th left hand side there is a small picture for ..I Danced yet again there are no lyrics for this (remember this is a
poem written by Max Dunn)(CD Page 5)
This page has a yellow background and has small artwork & Lyrics for the songs Happiness is & A Story at the bottom
right hand side there is the following text Copyright 1985, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998 Gorno Music
(ASCAP). Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights Reserved.(CD Page 6)
This page has a dark blue background and reads as follows:
Violent Femmes:
Gordon Gano: Vocal, Guitar
Brian Ritchie: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Shakuhachi, Vocal
Guy Hoffman: Drums, Percussion, VocalProducers:
Violent Femmes and Warren Bruleigh
"A Story" Pierre Henry
"Forbidden" Violent Femmes and Tom GrimleyEngineers:
Recording: martin Brass
Mixing: David Vartanian, except "Hollywood Is High"
and "New Generation" Martian Brass,
"In The Dark" Warren Bruleigh
Mastering: Howie wienberg and Roger Lian at MasterdiskAdditional Recording: "All I Want" Bil Emmons
"In The Dark" Warren Bruleigh, "Forbidden" Tom Grimley
"A Story" Brian Ritchie an Pierre HenryAssistants: Mark mason, Ken Feldman, Rich Tapper, Nicola Stemmer
Studios: Big House, Soundtrack, odin, Son/Re, DV's Pervision Room,
Nine LivesThe official Violent Femmes Website: Http://www.vfemmes.com(CD Page 7)
Background is Pink and the text reads as following:
All Songs Written by Gordon Gano, published by Gorno Music (ASCAP) Except
"New Generation" by Rose Marie McCoy, Albert Ayler and mary Parks,
published by Mention Music (BMI). "Mosh Pit" and "A Story" by Gano/Ritchie,
published by Gorno Music (ASCAP) / Humidor (BMI). "Forbidden" lyrics by
William Carlos Williams from the poem "From the 'the Birth of Venus' Song"as It
appears in the collected poems of william carlos williams, vol. 1, 1909 -
1939, published by New Directions Publishing corporation. "I Danced" lyrics
from the Poem "I Danced Before I Had Two feet" by Max Dunn, Music by
Gordon GanoGuy Hoffman lays DW drums

Management: Jamie L. Kitman, The Hornblow Group USA
U.S. Bookings: Frank Riely, Monterey Peninsula Atists
European Bookings: Paul Boswell, Free Trade agency
Buisiness Management: Comart And Koppel
Merchandising: Anthill
Leagal Reprensentation: Jeffery Light

Cover Design: Brian Ritchie an David Vartanian