Title: New Times
Year: 1994
Format: Lp, Cassette, CD
Label: Elektra 61553-4
Length: 50:23

Don't Start Me On The Liquor
New Times
Breakin' Up
Key of 2
4 Seasons
I'm Nothing
When Everybody's Happy
.This Island Life
I Saw You In The Crowd
Mirror Mirror (I See A Damsel)
Jesus of Rio

Sticker: There is a sticker on the outside which reads:
new songs for new times, featuring "BREAKIN' UP" & "NEW TIMES" 61553
CD appearance: silver saw blade, with red on outside, with white, black, and red print
Cover (CD & cassette): There is saw blade in the center with a nut (as in nuts & bolts) in the
Pages 2-9 (CD): lyrics for all tracks Page 10 (CD): "NEW TIMES" is in red print, in the
background. This text appears:
Recorded and mixed by David Vartanian at DV's Perversion Room, Milwaukee, WI
Assistant engineer: Dan Chase
Except "I'm Nothing" co-produced and engineered by Warren A. Bruleigh at Kampo Audio, NY
Assistant engineer: David Robbins
"Machine" recorded by Brian Ritchie at Ocean O'Pus, Milwaukee
"Jesus of Rio" recorded by Scott Finch at Velvet Sky Studio, Milwaukee
"This Island Life" guitar overdub recorded by Warren A. Bruleigh at Electronic Lady, NY
Assistant engineer: Asier Leatxe
Master by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NY
Art Direction and design: Guy Hoffman
Assisted by Julie Topetzes
Art coordination: Barbie
Band photos: Francis Ford
Industrial photos: Deirdre Lamb
Doll photo by: Donna Ranieri
Crew: Caleb Lentzner, Dareen Brown, Willie MacInnes, Dominic Placco, Dale Kaminski, Chris Adler
, Rikk Feulner
Dentist: Barry W. Baumann, D.D.S., S.C.
Thanks: Jim Eannelli, Charles Galvin, Lexicon, Sigmund Snopek III, Mark Kasper, Maton, John
Gaskell: Drum Medic, Jeff Sichel
Borman Entertainment, Inc.
Los Angeles, California
Gary Borman, Joni Foraker
Business Management:
Howard Comart, C.P.A.
New York, New York
Howard Comart, Lisa Aultman
Booking Agent:
Monterey Peninsula Artists
Frank Riley
Publicist: Les Schwartz
Brockhum Merchandising, New York, NY
For Fan Club Information write to:
Violent Femmes
14755 Ventura Boulevard, 1-710
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
All songs written by Gordon Gano
(c) 1994 Gorno Music ASCAP except:
Lyrics by Gordon Gano (Gorno Music ASCAP)
Music by Brian Ritchie (Humidor Music BMI)
"When Everybody's Happy"
Lyrics by Gordon Gano (Gorno Music ASCAP)
Music by Gordon Gano (Gorno Music ASCAP)
and Brian Ritchie (Humidor Music BMI)
"New Times" and Agamemnon" (c) 1994 Gorno Music
Lyrics by Walter Mehring, from "Einfach Klassisch," as translated into
English by Henry Marx
Music by Gordon Gano
(Material from "Einfach Klassisch" used with permission)
Lyrics reprinted by permission, all rights reserved.
Page 11 (CD): There is photo of the Femmes, left-to-right, Brian Ritchie, Gordon Gano, Guy
Hoffman (new drummer)
Page 12 (CD): There are 3 photos on the left side. Top-to-bottom, Gordon Gano, Brian Ritchie,
Guy Hoffman. This text is on
the right:
1. Don't Start Me
On The Liquor 4:06
2. New Times 4:07
3. Breakin' Up 3:59
4. Key of 2 3:29
5. 4 Seasons 3:06
6. Machine 4:37
7. I'm Nothing 2:34
8. When Everybody's Happy 3:35
9. Agamemnon 2:55
10. This Island Life 5:23
11. I Saw You In The Crowd 4:05
12. Mirror Mirror
(I See A Damsel) 4:28
13. Jesus of Rio 3:37
61553-2 (c) 1994 Elektra Entertainment, a divison of Warner
Communications, Inc. of the United States and WEA International Inc.
for the world outside of the United States, All Rights Reservered.