Title: Violent Femmes (Deluxe Edition) Promo
Year: 2002
Format: CDR
Label: Slash, Rhino
Length: 1:09:20

Blister in the Sun
Kiss Off
Please Do Not Go
Add It Up
Prove My Love
To the Kill
Gone Daddy Gone
Good Feeling
Girl Trouble
Breakin' Up
Waiting For The Bus
Blister In The Sun
Kiss Off
Please Do Not Go
Add It Up
Prove My Love
Ugly (UK Single)
Gimme The Car (UK Single)

I have contacted the people who made this particular promo and they told me that there were only 50 copies of this made.

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Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes (Deluxe Edition)

Original Album
1. Blister in the Sun
2. Kiss Off
3. Please Do Not Go
4. Add It Up
5. Confessions
6. Prove My Love
7. Promise
8. To the Kill
9. Gone Daddy Gone
10. Good Feeling

Demos & More
11. Girl Trouble *
12. Breakin' Up *
13. Waiting For The Bus
14. Blister In The Sun *
15. Kiss Off *
16. Please Do Not Go *
17. Add It Up *
18. Confessions *
19. Prove My Love *
20. Ugly (UK Single)
21. Gimme The Car (UK Single)

* previously unissued recording


Note: This is a work CD-R. Master Tapes were not available at the time this
CD-R was made. It was recorded from available disc sources and may not
include all the material; the quality does not in any way reflect that of the
final released product.

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