Title: Viva Wisconsin
Year: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Beyond Music, & BMG Entertainment
Length: 1:12:56

Prove My Love
I'M Nothing
Country death Song
Blister In The Sun
Gimmie The Car
Don't Talk About My Music
Hallowed Ground
Life Is An Adventure
Old Mother Regan
Good Feeling
Dahmer Is Dead
American Music
Sweet Worlds Of Angels
Black Girls
Gone Daddy Gone
Add It Up
Kiss Off

October 25-31, 1998 violent Femmes did an acoustic tour of their home state of Wisconsin. Two Guitars, Two
Drums & three Voices. Femmes back to basics, no overdoing, no electronics, No crap. Their best songs, raw
and intimate. This is the Ultimate Violent Femmes Recording.


Violent Femmes
Gordon Gano Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Brian Ritchie Acoustic bass Guitar, Shakuhachi, Xylophone, Soprano Saxophone, Harmonica, Conch, Theremin, Vocal
Guy Hoffman Snare Drum, Tranceaphone, Bugle, Vocal

The Horns Of Dilemma
Sigmund Snopek III piano:, Oboe, Flute, Trombone, Native American Flute, Bass Clarinet, Vocal
Ray Cribb: Trombone, Bass
Eric Markstrum: Trombone
Mike Kock:Saxophone
Shane Derstl: Trumpet

Produced by David Vartanian
All songs written by Gordon Gano, published by Gorno Music ASCAP except "Don't Talk About My Music"
written by Donn Adams, DominicPlacco & Brian Ritchie, Published by embassy Music Corp. BMI Farnsley Music
BMI, Domster Music BMI and Humidor BMI, And "Gone Daddy Gone" Written by Gordon Gano & Willie Dixon
published by gorno music ASCAP/Hoochie Coochie Music BMI.

Recorded by David Vartanian, October 25-31, 1998, barrymore Theater, Madison, Grand opera House, oshkosh; Grand
Theater, Wausau; Hollywood Theater, Lacrosse; state theater, Eau Claire; Pabst Theater, Milwaukee

Mixed By David Vartanian t DV's perversion Room, Milwaukee. Mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisc
Live Sound: Caleb Lentzner
Femmes Crew: Willie MacInnes, Darren Brown, Caleb Lentzner, Ray Cribb, Johnnie O' Brien
ACG Crew: Peter Jest, Rob Czarnezki, Mark Shurilla
Guy Hoffman plays: DW Snare Drums
Management: Jamie Kitman, The Hornblow Group USA
U.S. Bookings: Frank Riley, Monterey Peninsula Artists
European Bookings: Paul Bosswell, Free Trade Agency
Buisiness Management: Comart and Koppel
Legal Representation: Jeffry Light

Cover Design BarbraGlauber and Beverly joel/Heavy Meta and Brian Ritchie
Photos: Br. Varuni Kulasekera
background Photos: Images Copyright 1999 Photodisc, Inc
Backstage pass Guy hoffman
Website: www.vfemmes.com

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