Title: Viva Wisconsin
Year: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Beyond Music, & BMG Entertainment
Length: 1:12:56

Prove My Love
I'M Nothing
Country death Song
Blister In The Sun
Gimmie The Car
Don't Talk About My Music
Hallowed Ground
Life Is An Adventure
Old Mother Regan
Good Feeling
Dahmer Is Dead
American Music
Sweet Worlds Of Angels
Black Girls
Gone Daddy Gone
Add It Up
Kiss Off

Fem (Back Of CD)

"Viva Wisconsin"
October 25-31, 1998 violent Femmes did an acoustic tour of their home state of Wisconsin. Two Guitars, Two
Drums & three Voices. Femmes back to basics, no overdoing, no electronics, No crap. Their best songs, raw
and intimate. This is the Ultimate Violent Femmes Recording.

Street date: November 23, 1999

1 Prove My Love 2:53
2 I'M Nothing 2:27
3 Country death Song 4:50
4 Blister In The Sun 2:31
5 Gimmie The Car 5:44
6 Don't Talk About My Music 2:13
7 Confessions 7:32
8 Hallowed Ground 3:44
9 Life Is An Adventure 2:29
10 Old Mother Regan :30 11 ugly 2:54
12 Good Feeling 4:25
13 Dahmer Is Dead :53
14 American Music 4:03
15 Special 2:12
16 Sweet Worlds Of Angels 5:17
17 Black Girls 4:30
18 Gone Daddy Gone 3:08
19 Add It Up 5:59
20 Kiss Off 4:28

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