Title: Why Do Birds Sing? (Australian Import 2 CD)
Year: 1992
Format: CD
Label: Liberation Records 9 399603
Length: 47:43

American Music
Out The Window
Look Like That
Do you really want to hurt me?
Hey Nonny Nonny
Used To Be
Girl Trouble
He Likes Me
Life Is A Scream
Flamingo Baby
Lack Of Knowledge
More Money Tonight
I'm Free


Six Post Cards Included

The disc's are in there normal jewl case inserted in a cardboard sleeve in which has the cover pictured above

The Used to be CD is the Same as the Store bought one though the Why do birds sing? CD has a couple of differences

1, On the back of the cd the songs listed are darker red than the store bought CD & the CD itself is different in which is
pictured below.

Also Included in this Cardboard sleeve are six post Cards in which are also pictured above.