Year: 1991
Format: Cassette
Label: Liberation C 10518


Used To Be
Dance Motherfucker Dance


To The Kill

(P) 1986/90/91 Slash Records USA (C) 1991 Liberation Records.
Manufactured by Festival Records Pty. Ltd. Australia.

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded
works reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting
and copying of this cassette prohibited.

1. Used to Be
written by Gordon Gano and published by Leosong from
the Liberation/Slash Album Why Do birds Sing (30551)
Produced by Michael Beinhorn, Victor Delorenzo,
Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie.

2. Dance, Motherfucker, Dance
Written by Voot Warnings, Glen Rehse and John
Frankovic. Copyright control. Recorded at Stebbings
Studio, Auckland, New Zealand in 1986. Featuring
The Horns od Dilemma: Sigmund Snopek III, Caleb
Alexander and Peter Balestrieri. Previously
unreleased. Produced by Violent Femmes and mixed
by Unknown.

3.Promise 4.To The Kill
BOTH written by Gordon Gano and published by leosong.
Recorded live at the Palace, Melbourne, Australia,
on the 8th of November 1990 for JJJ. Previously unreleased.
Produced by Chris Thompson.

Photography: Sy Friedman 1954
Design: Pierre Baroni/Mushroom Art
(P)1986/90/91 Slash Records, USA
(C)1991 Liberation Records. C10518