Title: The Mercy Seat
Release Date: 1987
Label: Slash, London Records
Producer: Warren Bruleigh

1.Let Me Ride, 2. Soul on Right (Jesus laid his hands on me),3.Don't forget about me, 4.I dont need nobody else (But, Jesus),5.He Said, 6.Get Up (When the world comes tumbling down),7.I am a pilgrim, 8.I've Got A Feeling, 9. Let the church roll on/ I won't be back,10. Mother talking

Title: Hitting The Ground
Release Date: August 13, 2002
Label: Instinct Records
Producer: Warren Bruleigh

1.Hitting the Ground, 2.Oh Wonder, 3.Make It Happen, 4.Don't Pretend, 5.Catch 'Em In the Act, 6.So It Goes, 7.Run, 8.Darlin' Allison, 9.Merry Christmas Brother, 10.It's Money, 11.Hitting the Ground

Title:Gordon Gano & The Ryans
Release Date: Sept 15, 2009
Label:Yep Roc Records

Under The Sun. 1.Man In the Sand, 2.Wave and Water, 3.Here As a Guest, 4.Hired Gun, 5.Home, 6.Under the Sun, 7.Better Than You Know, 8.Way That I Creep, 9.Oholah Oholibah, 10.Red, 11.Still Suddenly Here, 12.Judge To Widow

Title:The Blend
Release Date: 1987
Label:SST Records
Producer: David Vartanian

1.Alphabet, 2.Two Fat Dogs, 3.Austrian Anthill, 4.Days of the Blend, 5.Doin' the Best We Can, 6.Arab Song, 7.Feast of Fools,8.Nuclear War,9.The Toad, 10.John the Revelator, 11.Song of the Highest Tower

Title: Sonic Temple & The C....
Release Date: 1988
Label: Sonic Temple
Producer: David Vartanian

1.Bells, 2.Sonic Temple & Court Of Babylon, 3.Why Did You Lie To Me?, 4.Sun Ra - Man From Outer Space, 5.America, 6.Christian For One Day, 7.A.D., 8.Mayerling (Let's Drink Some Wine) , 9.No Resistin' A Christian, 10.So It Goes, 11.Hasan I Sabbah, 12.Reach Out

Title: Sun Ra - Man from out...
Release Date: 1988
Label: SST Records
Producer:Brian Ritchie

1.Sun Ra-Man From Outer Space, 2.Paradise, 3.Christian For one Day

Title: Nuclear War
Release Date: 1988
Label: SST Records
Producer:Brian Ritchie

1.Nuclear War, 2.Alphabet

Title:I See A Noise
Release Date: 1990
Label: Dali Records
Producer:David Vartanian

1.Eva, 2.2 Tongues, 2 Minds, 3.Please Don't Cry For Me, 4. Why Is That Baby's Head So Big?, 5.Song Without Any End, 6.Quo Vadis, 7.Animals, 8.The Man With The Cigarette In His Nose, 9.Religion Ruined My Life, 10.Song Of The Cricket, 11.I See A Noise

Title: Shakuhachi Club NYC
Release Date: May 18, 2004
Label: Weed
Producer: Bill Bowen

1. Watazumi's Tea Bowl 2. Motherless Children 3. Living Space 4. Lament 5. Tvottavisur 6. Waltz of the Minotaur 7. Lace Dress 8. Have No Idea 9. Change Has Come 10. Oyster Stomp 11. Bender

Title: "Ryoanji"
Release Date: 2006
Label: Thylacine Records
Producer: David Vartanian

1.Kisio Bushi,2.Sankasa Sugahaki, 3.Etenraku, 4.Eko, 5.Ryoanji, 6.Soran Bushi, 7.Komori, 8.Blues for Aida, 9.Kojo No Tauki, 10.Tamuka

Title: "Taimu"
Release Date: 2007
Label: Thylacine Records
Producer:David Vartanian

1.Tairaku No Cho, 2.Mujitsu Blues, 3.Space Coconut, 4.Evidence, 5.Change Has Come, 6.John the Revelator, 7.L Dance, 8.Echigomeianji Hachikaeshi, 9.Banshiki, 10.Horagai, 11.Sogei No Kyoku, 12.Reibo

Title: "Villa Inferno"
Release Date: 2008
Label: Unhip Records
Producer:Brian Ritchie

1.Dead Penfriend, 2.Wild Wild Life, 3.Beat The Drum, 4.Punk Lullaby, 5.Dirty Feet, 6.Figlio Di Puttana, 7.Like A Girl Never Would, 8.Narodna Pjesma, 9.He Was Robert Zimmerman, 10.Vana Gloria, 11.Oh, The River!, 12.Vent'Anni, 13.Les Tantes De La Dimanche


Title: Peter Corey Sent Me
Release Date: 1990
Label: Dali
Producer:Victor DeLorenzo

1.It Don't Bother Me, 2.Hell Boxes, 3.This Hurting Game, 4.Of Love, 5.The Girl Has a Name, 6.Watching the Book, 7.Miss Miranda Walks Away, 8.Can I Help You?, 9.Abu Day Abu Da

Title: Pancake Day
Release Date: Jul 15, 1996
Label: Almo Sounds
Producer:Mike Hoffman

1.Peach, 2.Blind, 3.Only God Knows, 4.Audrey, 5.Picture Her Blue, 6.Gossip, 7.The Wait of the Son, 8.Rainwater, 9.Daughtera, 10.Pancake Day, 11.Noise, 12.Lah, 13.Exactly Pure, 14.Moe,15.The Word of the Son

Title: The Blessed Faustina
Release Date: 1999
Label: BF
Producer:Michael Hoffman

1.Crazy as a Stick, 2.Observatory, 3.Pagan Driftwood, 4.Whistle, 5.Baby Jesus, 6.Hoeing, 7.Spring Diet for a Nervous Man, 8.She's a Resin, 9.It's a Beautiful Machine, 10.Too Late to Wonder, 11.Mr. Wilson's Safari, 12.Frail Pagans, 13.Forever, 14.She Tried to Find Heaven